This page was last updated: February 7, 2018
Hey everyone,
The officers at Billings GPAA are gonna try and keep you more informed about what's happening in the local prospecting world, So here is the first installment.

The setup for our meetings have been verified for the rest of the year to be in the meeting room at Golden Corral @ 6:30p.m. the 2nd Thursday of each month.  

THE BIG DIG: Posters would be made up and distributed to announce when the Big Dig will be.  
WHEN:  Saturday, Sunday & Monday…ie Memorial Weekend 2017.
(May 27-29, 2017)  

There are motel rooms, RV sites and camping sites are available.  Please contact Zortman Motel & Garage, RV Park & Laundromat at 406-673-3160 or   

Their address is P.O. Box 302; Zortman, MT  59546.  Any questions?  Please contact John or Candy Kalal.  

There is also a campground.  

DETAILS:  There will be a central safety meeting will be on 7a.m. on Saturday morning.  


Those who go the Big Dig must be prepared for warm, cold or wet weather!  Anyone who would like to be involved in the planning portion of the Big Dig, please contact Kevin or Marilyn.

T-SHIRTS:  We will be offering Big Dig 2017 T-Shirts .  

RAFFLE:  We will have two Major raffle prizes, 1 for adults and 1 for kids.  

AUCTION:  Donations for the auction will be accepted.  We will accept donation of items to be sold in the auction at the Big Dig.  The money raised for the Billings Chapter.

The first part of March, Kevin will be sending notification of Big Dig details to the surrounding GPAA chapters.  

The Registrations for the Big Dig are in 2 versions: online completion and a PDF version (FORM FIELDED, Just tab between fields and then Print) and send in.

When submitting the application for your GPAA membership, remember to put “Billings Chapter” on the application.  This is how our chapter gets credit for membership with National GPAA.  There is no charge to be a member of the Billings Chapter.  We are all about getting together & having lots of fun together!

Our mailing list was updated at this meeting.  For the monthly mailing list, we created an email list for the monthly meeting reminders for the Billings Chapter.  This was started divert club funds to be used for outings rather than mailings.  Postcards will continue to be mailed to those who do not have or wish to use their email address.   Anyone who wants their email  or mailing address added to the list can do so by coming to the monthly meeting or emailing information in on the “Send me Your Comments” button on this page of the website.  Our website address is:   

Anyone is welcome to attend  our chapter meetings and participate in outings or come up with ideas for outings.  New ideas for outings are always welcome.  We discussed some metal detecting outings that people have done some research on as possibilities.  When doing your research, make sure that whatever you are looking for is there so you won’t be disappointed.  Remember to always have permission to be on private land.  Respect is a necessary part of any outing.  We have a play list that is available only to members.  This list is specifically to enable our members to get together with others to go out and have fun together.  

Thank You,
Billings GPAA

President, Billings Chapter GPAA

This page was last updated: February 7, 2018
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