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The Great State of Montana
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Gold Prospectors of South Central / Eastern Montana, is a local Chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America, Temecula, California.

In June 1997, our Chapter was established , to promote the hobby of recreational gold prospecting, raise the level of public awareness and knowledge about minning and mineral resources, to voice our opinions to our represenatives and other government agencies, to protect our basic rights to have unlimited access to our public lands for recreational prospecting and other outdoor activities, to teach and practice reasonable enviromental awareness techniques on all public lands, so future generations will have it to enjoy. 

The Chapter is open to everyone and does not charge membership fees to join or be a member and any money received by the Billings Chapter GPAA is use for the betterment of the club. The Chapter does not have any paid members.

The Billing Chapter GPAA holds it monthly meeting at 6:30 PM on the Second Thursday of the Month. The meeting is held at the Golden Corral Buffet, located at 570 South 24th Street West in Billings, Montana.
Billings Chapter of Gold Prospectors Association of America